Welcome to our Ranch!

Horses in pastureAshes to Beauty Ranch is located in Valley Springs, CA off Highway 12 near Wallace, CA.

We provide a place where people can discover or re-discover their joy, passion and creativity in unique ways while interacting with horses through Equine Assisted Personal Growth (EAPG) Workshops.    With the added value of horses partnering with you in various activities, participants are encouraged to draw their own conclusions and metaphors about how these experiences relate to their own lives.

Sometimes life isn’t always easy, and we can get “burned” in big and small ways.  Everyone has their own burn story to tell, right?

images1A burned hillside is devastating, but we know new growth eventually comes.  And we can experience that too!   Just like a hillside that produces “fire flowers” after a burn – we too can turn our ashes into beauty.

Are you, or your team struggling with finding direction, feeling stuck, stressed out, tired, unhappy, experiencing conflict or just can’t get past, over or around obstacles in your life or work place?

Take a step in the right direction!  Join us at our next workshop and experience Equine Assisted Personal Growth (EAPG) for yourself!  Call or email us to reserve your spot!